Life changing body transformations through an integrative journey of Training, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Community

Success stories


I was not healthy when I started with Infinit Fit. Now the results speak for themselves. 10% bodyfat within 3months. More energy. More self-confident. More positive. And I now enjoy doing all the right things that are good for me!


I reduced my body fat by 7%. thanks to the holistic approach to health and wellness that benefits the body, mind and soul. Glenn created habits that help me to sustain healthy living, eating and excercising for the long term


I am extremely happy with the results which I am seeing every other week. From couch to great defined body. Thanks to Infinit Fit!

The Infinit Method

We believe that the way you move, eat, sleep and handle stress have an enormous impact on your quality of life. Increasing numbers of obesity, burnouts and lifestyle related diseases show the importance of a holistic approach to your health & fitness. Using objective bio-markers, we can accurately predict your health in the coming 5 years. More importantly, we can put the right strategies in place to ensure optimal health, energy levels and body composition. Our method allows individuals to achieve long-term fitness and health goals. Guaranteed. Fast.

– Glenn Melis


We optimize strength, energy, mobility and health trough our proven method tailored to fit your body and lifestyle


Stop crash dieting once and for all. Our coaches teach you how to eat to make lasting changes to your eating habits.


Improving your sleep quality, stress management and energy production are foundational pillars for your health.


Friendships, support, accountability and healthy competition, all this is possible within the culture we provide.

About us

Infinit was founded in 2019 by Glenn. Steph soon joined the team and together they set out to make an impact.

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