Optimize your health and performance whilst boosting energy levels and stress resilience with our specialized executive program.

Why Infinit Fit?

  • You will train with a trainer who has a proven record of results
  • 24/7 support and accountability
  • Extensive body and movement analysis – Postural improvement, injury preventive
  • Bi-weekly body composition assessment – BMI, Fat percentage, circumferences
  • Bi-weekly health assessment – Blood pressure, Oxygen uptake, HRV
  • A personalized training and nutrition program based on your goals and body
  • Continued education and mentoring on sleep, stress, and hormonal management

Our training method is designed to make you move better, produce more energy and burn fat more effectively. Combining this with the right nutrition, sleep and stress management strategies, this provides a powerful combination that puts your body in an optimal state of health and wellbeing. This will not only helps you to lose more weight but also makes it easier to sustain that weight loss result long after you’ve stopped training with us.

We believe that ordinary people with the right guidance have the potential to be extraordinary!

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We currently also offer a variety of digital coaching and outside training
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What others say


Serial Entrepreneur

My lifestyle was a lot less healthy before I started at Infinite Fit. Since I’ve been with Infinite Fit I do all the right things to get maximum results in a relatively short time span. It’s really motivating and reassuring, because you’re being coached in your complete lifestyle. I feel much more fit now, with much more energy. Also I’m more self-confident and positive in general. The results speak for themselves. I went from 20% to 10% body fat within 3 months already. Already I’m much more muscular and feel much healthier.


Real Estate & new father

When I started I weighed 116kg and my cholesterol and blood pressure were dangerously high. Glenn kept track of my health-markers and built a program around that as we first had to get my BP down. During the last 6 months Glenn was strict and firm about what I ate but in a good way. He kept me motivated and kept me accountable for what I was eating. 

Now 6 months later I’ve lost 20kg and have gained a lot of muscle. My body has undergone a complete transformation and I couldn’t be happier. My arms, chest grew and my belly slimmed down. I’ve gone down nearly 2 pants sizes. I’m a new man, a healthier dad to my daughter and overall in a much better shape! 

HIGHLY recommend their services! They genuinely care about their clients and give top notch service and when it comes to your health, you just want the best.


Managing Director & father of two!

I really enjoy the PT sessions as Glenn really doesn’t let off and makes sure I give it my all in the sessions… the first few I literally crawled out of the gym… he is a great PT as he knows exactly how to get the very best I have to give. As well as the PT sessions, I fill  in a daily tracker to keep score on my weight and food intake…. Seeing the numbers tumble gives me extra motivation and also to have someone pushing me as hard as I could go really started to pay off, not only was I starting to look healthier, my mind-set really improved and I felt back to my self again… a lot less stress!